How having
business signage
can enhance
your brand.

A guest article collaboration between 

luxury salon signage maker Handmade By Rose,

online visibility specialist Pamela Rae-Welsh 

and Mira Demeter, Brand Photographer.

Signage Maker Visibility Specialist Brand Photographer

Nowadays its not enough to just start a business and expect the customers to buy from you! With the rise of social media and businesses starting up with little to no outlay, it has become really hard to be seen among the competition.


Having consistent branding allows you to connect with your customers

“You have to connect with your customer as more than a business but as a defined brand that meets the needs of the customer in a unique way”  Pamela, Online Visibility Specialist.

Building a brand requires more than just a nice logo or a pretty website, it requires a consistent visual identity and storytelling message that captures the mood and resonates with the customers, compelling them to buy.

Your Brand is more than just a Logo!

All of the visual touchpoints for a brand need to have a cohesive and co-ordinated approach – even when looking at what could be considered mundane mandatory information.  This is where the team at Handmade By Rose have been working hard to create business signage for salons, boutiques and studios to help them create a co-ordinated brand message for their Covid 19 signs.  They have introduced a range of signs including hand sanitiser signs, please wear a mask signs and other branded signage to help small businesses keep their brand aesthetic while also keeping customers safe.

Having strong cohesive usuals for your business also extends to the photography and use of images that you post on your website, social media and other marketing materials.  This is where investing in good brand photography can help to reinforce brand messages, give a clear identity and a professional image.


                Branding Photography can be a Key Differentiator  

Mira’s approach with clients is to understand their business on a deep level so that she is able to create great headshots and also full branding packages which focus on being natural and relaxed.  The images provided then give a great content base for sharing as part of a wider online visibility plan;  that when co-ordinated with strong brand identity and great business signage can help to set small businesses up with brands that will go from strength to strength.